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Since 2020, Lily's Gardens has provided quality services to clients by providing them with the professional care they deserve. Get in touch today to learn more about our Gardening Service.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

This service can include the basic cutting/mowing of your lawn, edge/hedge trimming, turning of soil in the gardens and pot plants, as well as lawn and soil/potting treatment. Lawn and soil treatments are carried out as and when needed. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we meet and exceed all our customers service needs. We only make use of the finest garden and lawn products to ensure that your premises are always in the best condition it deserves and needs to be.

Refuse & Rubble Removal

Do you have rubble that is taking up unnecessary space in and around your home/office? Lily's Gardens will gladly help you with clearing up that space in no time at all. The price would be depended on the amount of rubble that is required to be removed. We will make every effort to ensure that your space is left clean and tidy after all refuse has been removed.

Lawn and Garden
Lawn Care, Cutting, Trimming and Garden Care
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Refuse and Rubble
Refuse and Rubble Removing Services
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Frequently Asked Questions
What does it cost?
Garden Services range from R820 to R1200 per month. We also have one day service ranging from R230 to R380 per day. Prices are subject to change based on yard size as the prices listed here are for Complexes and most standard homes. Rubble and refuse removal is depended on the amount of rubble/refuse which needs to be removed.
How many times do you visit the premises?
Lily's Gardens will visit the premises once a week based on the monthly fee option. Additional visits required will be at an added cost based on services needing to fulfilled.
Am I required to make a booking?
Yes. for all services which are offered through Lily's Gardens, you will need to make a booking via E-mail to or 064 531 0721 in order for us to service your garden.
When can I cancel my Service?
You can cancel your service at anytime providing you have done so by sending an E-mail to or call 064 531 0721requesting for the service to be cancelled.
Will I get a refund upon cancellation?
Refunds will be processed within 30 days for payments made to us in error after the cancellation has been processed. There are no refunds for cancellation done during the month as we will continue to carry out our service for the remainder of the month should this be the request of the client.